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Liquidaromas.comis the website on the Internet that gives you the truth about poppers and liquid aromas. This is the poppers website that has all the facts and all the fun stuff and all the poppers resources - minus the hype. This is NOT a website designed by gays for gays only. This is the poppers website that is properly researched and objectively presented by fully informed and unbiased gays and straights together because we want the whole truth to be told and we want poppers users to be fully informed about the use of poppers and all its aspects.


Never before have the poppers facts and the poppers story been told from a non-commercial or non-political perspective. It has been tried, but hidden political, sexual, or commercial agendas always clearly shine though. Our presentation of the popper facts and poppers historyis academically sound and leaves it up to you to make the conclusions yourself because WE respect your intelligence.


We have compiled a list of reputable poppers websites.  Our recommendation is based on interviews with the management as well as feedback from true customers. Click here to see the list of poppers dealers we recommend.


Our downloads section is the up-to-date and continuously updated archive of poppers collectors items. The study of the use of poppers as a recreational drug is a fascinating section and provokes strong reaction from many different kinds of people. It is a subject rich in national politics, legal subtlety, sexual politics, opinion, and artistic endeavor, touching three centuries of upheaval.

COOL POPPERS STUFF FOR YOU! is the new Internet hub for all people concerned with the subject of poppers and liquid aromas. We want your feedback and we invite you to sign up to our unique newsletter. We have the definitive selection of poppers links at your disposal, a survey and study of poppers advertising over the years, and our information on poppers newsgroupsprovides you with the connections necessary to expand your knowledge and exchange your views about poppers.

*** HOT OFF THE PRESS ***The sexual area of a gay man's brain works a lot like that of a woman when exposed to a particular stimulus, researchers say. [More...]

Thank you for visiting We hope you will enjoy and benefit from the wealth of poppers information contained on this website and we hope you will add your views and opinions to the ongoing poppers debate.

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